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What We Do?

We help businesses transform the way they operate through thoughtful business process redesign, advanced process automation, insights generation, IoT, AI, and real-time data integration

We provide a full suite of end-to-end industrial-IoT solutions to businesses across various industries including manufacturing, transportation, automotive, utilities, and real estate. Based on smart sensors, custom build control modules, AI-based analytics, and predictive maintenance optimization, our IoT solutions help enterprises increase their asset availability, improve productivity, optimize efficiency, and reduce costs. Wherever you are on your IoT journey, we will help you optimize your equipment maintenance strategy that provides real-time capabilities for big data, business intelligence and data and process integration

We offer innovative, scalable, and reliable automation services to help organizations increase the productivity and effectiveness of their processes. We design, engineer, and develop systems that create efficiency for every single operation. We have an extensive experience delivering technology-driven solutions across multiple sectors, including electrical, energy, instrumentation, and robotics.

In today’s immensely competitive market, businesses direly need a functional website and robust mobile application. We take pride in offering a full spectrum of website and mobile app development services to businesses of all types and sizes. Our team utilizes agile methodologies to develop cutting-edge products for our clients that deliver an optimal experience to the end-user and ensure tangible results

We provide customized SEO and digital marketing services to help businesses the best digital exposure that they deserve. We identify the unique needs of each business and create tailored strategies that increase their traffic, capture leads, foster customer loyalty, maximize their ROI, and help them exceed their business objectives

We provide digital signage solutions to help businesses engage their audience and make their message stand out. No matter it is a digital menu board, video wall, LED, or outdoor display, we can develop, deploy, and manage a complete software and hardware solution that creates a remarkable interactive experience. Our signage solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of any environment, including education, retail, corporate, public spaces, and transportation

We take immense pride in offering the best-in-class paperless conference and process automation solutions to companies across a broad range of industries. Our paper conference solutions are designed to virtualize all the aspects of the conference process, thereby enabling the businesses to increase the efficiency of the conference as well as the confidentiality of the content.

Our process automation solutions are adapted to the specific business challenges and needs of each business. We digitize, automate, and optimize any and every process in operations of our clients to help our clients more effectively utilize their time and resources, improve productivity, and maximize business agility

Our Leadership

Meet the CEO – Aamir Raza

Amir Raza is the founder and CEO of AXITEQ. He brings many years of design engineering, consulting, and leadership experience. He began his journey as a design engineer and was involved in engineering design on a wide variety of projects in various prestigious organizations across Pakistan.

He founded AXITEQ on three pillars – people, process, and technology and is always focused on keeping the right balance and strengthening all of them.

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To be an unrivaled market leader in the design and implementation of process engineering services. We are on course to accomplish this goal by consistently developing innovative solutions and products that meet their evolving needs


Our mission is to provide the best-in-class engineering solutions and turnkey processes to help businesses achieve intelligent digital operations, increase their productivity, and get the competitive edge they need to thrive in today’s highly competitive world


• Innovation
• Hard Work
• Professionalism
• Passion
• Dedication
• Team Work
• Customer Service

What our client say about our services

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